Sunshine State Book Club

Gateway is super excited about this year’s Sunshine State Book Club for grades 3-5.  We will meet one Monday each month during lunch. Students will get lunch with their class as usual and then report to Mrs. Hood’s room to eat and engage in meaningful book discussions and activities.

Sunshine State Book Club WIG:
I will read all 15 Sunshine State Reader Books by April 30, 2019.

Action Plan:   
I will read for 30 minutes each night.


  • Lead: I will track how many minutes I read each day and write a short summary of what I read in my Reading Log.I will keep my log in my binder.
  • Lag: After I read a book and pass the AR Test, I will mark the box on the book club tracker and track my progress on my bookmark.

Dates and Requirements to attend Book Club:

9/17    Read at least 1 book

10/22  Read at least 3 books

11/12    Read at least 4 books     Popcorn Celebration 11/19, if read 4 books by 11/12

12/10  Read at least 5 books

1/14     Read at least 7 books

2/4     Read at least 9 books     Sundae Celebration 2/11, if read 9 books by 2/4

3/4      Read at least 11 books    Book Battle Tryouts

4/8     Book Battle Practice      Morning Book Battle Practices TBD for April & May

Reading Rewards

For students that read and pass AR tests for the Sunshine State Books. Students do NOT need to attend book club to participate in Reading Rewards. 

  • Read 4 books by 11/12, popcorn in the café at lunch on 11/19
  • Read 9 books by 2/4, ice cream sundae in café at lunch on 2/11
  • Read all 15 books by 5/1, Barnes & Noble trip: Tentative dates 5/13 & 5/20

Find a complete list of the 3-5 Sunshine State books and additional resources at:

If you have any questions, please contact Therese Hood or Katherine Taylor, 768-3737.

We look forward to working with you!


Mrs. Hood and Mrs. Taylor