Academic Resources


Launchpad is the new home for sites like Focus, AR Home Connect, IXL, and more. Launchpad, also known as Classlink, can be accessed from your home computer or mobile device.

On a mobile device, download the Launchpad app here:

On your home computer, navigate to


You will use your student's account information to log in.

Username: Student Username

Password: Student ID Number

Once you are logged in, you can click on the icon for the site you would like to visit. On the homepage, you will find:

  • Focus - Assignment grades, attendance, student progress, and more.
  • IXL - Practice and hone math skills
  • Office 365 - Microsoft Office is available free for Lee County students.
  • And much more! Feel free to explore or ask your student for more information on what they use in class.


You may be asked to download the Classlink extension for your browser. This extension allows you to log into some websites without entering the username or password again.


Accelerated Reader Progress
AR Home Connect can be found in Launchpad. Click on the Instructional Apps folder icon located on the Launchpad homepage. AR Home Connect will log in automatically.


Monitor Your Child’s Grades & Attendance with the Lee County Focus App


To get started, visit and click on the link to create an account.

You can also download the mobile app,