Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Parent Drop Off/ Pick up in the Morning and Afternoon Procedures for families that are bringing/retrieving their children to/from school in a motorized/electric vehicle

We design our parent drop off and pick up procedures for the safety of ALL students. Only enter the campus using the Main Entrance and Parent Pick area to drop off/pick up children. Remember to have a Parent Pick up tag or be prepared to park and come to the front office to show your ID.

First Day of School - Due to the volume of families that drive their students to school on the first day, we allow parking outside our fence, on the grass, along Griffin Drive ONLY on the first day of school. Please enter with students with caution. There is a lot of car/bus traffic and excitement on the first day!

After the first day there is NO parking outside any entrances to our school (main entrance/bus ramp entrance) and NO parking along the grass off of Griffin Drive. All students coming/leaving to school in a car must be in the Parent Drop off/Pick up line. Please do not park along Griffin Drive and drop off or pick up students to avoid the line.

Walkers – Walkers are defined as students who walk from their neighborhood to our school campus. Only students walking/biking from Cypress Cay/Bristol Park/Magnolia Lakes neighborhood may enter/exit on the sidewalk along the bus ramp.   If you are driving a motorized/electric vehicle from Cypress Cay/Bristol Park/Magnolia Lakes or any other neighborhood, you need to use the Parent Drop off/Pick up area.  Students that are in the afternoon walker line are walked to the main gate with the expectation that they are walking/biking to their residential neighborhood. Please only ask your child to be a walker if they are walking/biking to their neighborhood.


NOTE: During rainy season, walkers will NOT be released if we are notified of lightning within a 10-mile radius. If walkers are held on campus after 3:40, we will send out a School Messenger notification. There will NOT be a School Messenger notification sent out about walker delays before 3:40 pm. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us keep all students, staff, visitors, and buses safe!

 At no time should there be any cars at our bus ramp gate or grass area. This area must be kept free and clear for our buses to enter/exit safely. Thank you for your cooperation in this important safety matter.