Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

We design our parent drop off and pick up procedures for the safety of ALL students.

Respectfully, we ask that you, please, do not park along the side of Griffin Drive and ask your children to walk to your car as a walker.

If you are dropping off or picking up your children in a car, you are respectfully requested to use the parent drop off/pick up line. Please do not park off of Griffin Drive on the grass areas.

Students that are in the afternoon walker line are walked to the gate with the expectation that they are walking to their residential neighborhood. Please ask your child to be a walker if they are walking to their neighborhood.

If a student is being picked up or dropped off in a car, please follow the parent drop off/pick up procedures.

At no time should there be any cars at our bus ramp gate or grass area. This area must be kept free and clear for our buses to enter/exit safely. Thank you for your cooperation in this important safety matter.

2019 - 2020 Parent Pick Up Tags

Students will only be dismissed to a car with a 2019-20 (purple) car tag in the window. (One car tag will be given out at Open House. Additional cards can be requested after Aug 12th in the front office.  If more than 2 cards are needed per family there will be a $2 per card charge.) Parents are responsible for giving cards to people they authorize to pick up their child. A school tag in the window is telling us the person has been authorized by you to pick up your child. Keep careful track of the cards you distribute. If there is an emergency, this card tag system will be followed. Be sure you are using 2019-20 (purple) car tag.
Again for safety reasons, students will not be dismissed to adults waiting outside the gates or walking up to the sidewalk. We are respectfully asking all adults to remain in their cars and to pick up students through the parent pick up line. We respect your time and will do everything possible to move things along quickly. Using the bus ramp entrance area is prohibited for any cars.
Students will be waiting behind a gate and will be called to wait at one of 6 cones as your car comes up in the PPU line.

Please move your vehicle forward as soon as your child gets into the car.
If you need time to buckle your child into a safety seat, please pull forward to the yellow lines.

If a car does not have a 2019-20 (purple) car tag, you will be asked to park and proceed to the front office to show ID. If you are picking up a student for another parent, you will need to park and proceed to the front office unless you have their purple car tag in your window.
We respectfully ask your cooperation to pick up your child in the PPU line. If you must park your car, proceed to the front office and be prepared to show ID. Your child will be called to the office starting at 3:15. This will give students time to get to the PPU waiting area. Please park only in designated parking places and refrain from parking on the grass or outside the bus gates/front gates. After the initial beginning of school adjustments, PPU is usually completed by 3:30 – 3:35. If your child is left after the last car is loaded, they will be sent to the After School Program. There is a charge for this.
We understand that sometimes an appointment requires you to pick up your child before our 3:10 dismissal time. If this is the case we ask that you arrive in the front office prior to 3:00 pm to request your child’s early dismissal from class. If you arrive after 3:00 pm you will be asked to wait until dismissal begins and your child will be called from the PPU waiting area to the office beginning at 3:15. This will give students time to get to the PPU area.