Carson Scholarship 19-20

The Ben Carson Scholarship Program awards $1000 college scholarships to students who excel academically and participate in volunteer work. The Foundation for Lee County Schools in cooperation with the Ben Carson Scholarship Program allows every Lee County School to submit the names of 3 students to be considered for the scholarship. The following is a list of the process we follow to nominate 3 students to the Carson Foundation.

  1. Pull list of all students in grade 4-5 with GPA 3.75 or above on last day of 1st quarter 2019-20. Run Report 10/14/19 (Q1 grades finalized 10/14 @ 3:00)
  2. List the names of students and ask teachers in grades 4, 5, special areas to vote for 12 names. Return to Admin Rep 10/27/19. Criteria - students who participate in volunteer work/community service. 10 students with the most votes will move on to the next step of the nomination process.
  3. 11/1/19 Letter is sent to families to explain Carson Scholarship and that their child was selected to be part of the nomination process. Directions are included in the letter for completing the essay requirement of the nomination. Essays are due to Ms. Siebenaler Friday, Nov 15, 2019.
  4. 11/5-11/14: Ms. Siebenaler works with 12 students to finalize essays.
  5. Admin Committee receives essays by end of day 11/15/19 to review.
  6. Admin Committee meets on 11/21/19 and chooses 3 students to complete on line application for scholarship.
  7. 11/22/19 Ms. Siebenaler calls the families of 3 students to notify them that their children are finalists. Ms. Siebenaler completes nomination submission.
  8. 12/2/19-12/18/19- Ms. Siebenaler works with the 3 students to complete the on line application**. Students need a home/parent e-mail address.
    1. Application Deadline 1/10/20
    2. Teacher Recommendation Deadline 1/14/20
    3. Principal Verification Deadline 1/15/20
  9. Applications are submitted by student and parent along with required documents (report card, etc) 1/10/19 *Winner of Carson Scholarship is selected by the Carson Foundation and notified by mail in April 2020.
  10. Carson Scholarship Luncheon information is included in the notification packet.

**Note: Everyone involved in process (principal, teachers, student/parent) set their spam/junk mail filters to accept all emails from,, Zengine is the online application host and many important emails will come from them.