Your student will take the Florida State Assessments in the coming weeks. Please review the FSA testing policy at the bottom of this page with your student.

As part of the preparation for these assessments, your child will be given an opportunity to participate in a practice test at school to become familiar with the paper-based and/or computer-based testing platform, item types, and response formats he or she will see on the FSA assessments. If you or your student would also like to review the practice tests at home, the practice tests and answer keys for English Language Arts and Math are available at

We recommend that you sit with your child to review a practice test, not only to become familiar with the structure of the questions, but also with the test navigation.

Information about the 5th grade Science assessment can be found at:

The FSA is a state assessment that provides a single snapshot of your child's knowledge of the content tested. Teachers use FSA data as well as many other indicators of your child's learning to inform their instruction of your child.

The Department of Education has asked that we share their testing policies with you. These policies are on the back of this document. Classroom teachers will also review these policies with your student.

If you have any questions about testing administration or testing dates, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our leadership team.

Testing Dates:

Tuesday, Feb 28  Grades 4 & 5  FSA ELA Writing Paper-Pencil
Tuesday, March 28  Grade 3   FSA ELA Session 1 Paper-Pencil
Wednesday, March 29  Grade 3   FSA ELA Session 2 Paper-Pencil
Wednesday, April 19  Grade 4  FSA ELA Session 1 Computer
Thursday, April 20  Grade 4   FSA ELA Session 2 Computer
Monday, April 24  Grade 5  FSA ELA Session 1 Computer
Tuesday, April 25  Grade 5  FSA ELA Session 2  Computer
Wednesday, April 26  Grade 3  FSA Math Session 1 Computer
Thursday, April 27  Grade 3  FSA Math Session 2 Computer
Monday, May 1  Grade 5  Science Session 1 Paper-Pencil
Tuesday, May 2  Grade 5  Science Session 2 Paper-Pencil
Thursday, May 3  Grade 4  FSA Math Session 1 Computer
Friday, May 4  Grade 4  FSA Math Session 2 Computer
Monday, May 8  Grade 5  FSA Math Session 1 Computer
Tuesday, May 9  Grade 5  FSA Math Session 2 Computer