You and your student(s) can visit the following websites with any internet accessible computer:

REMEMBER: different websites will need different login information for your student. Check with your student's teacher for the login information for each website.

Sites for Parents


Username: Student ID of the eldest child in the School District, living in the student’s household, followed by the parent’s first and last initial.  The student’s household includes all students living at the same address, with the same home phone number. 

Password: Birth date of the student whose ID was used for the User name, in the format of MMDDYY.

For example:

  • If the Student ID of Jane Doe's eldest child in the household is 12345678, Jane Doe’s user name would be 12345678JD
  • If the birthdate of Jane Doe's eldest child is January 1, 1965, Jane Doe’s password would be 010165

Focus Gradebook

Create an account by following the link on the page.


AR Home Connect – Students cannot test at home

You can log into Home Connect to check on your child’s progress in AR and Math Facts in a Flash. Students have quarterly goals assigned by their teacher. Home Connect does allow you to see the tests your child has taken, the scores they received on the tests, and their progress toward meeting their quarterly goal.

Username: Student's Lunch number

Password: Initials (First and last, lowercase)